Local Attractions

The Blair Victoria Hotel is a bed and breakfast hotel located in Central London, with easy access to Hyde Park. Following tourist attractions of London are within the walking distance from the hotel:

  • Houses of Parliament
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Aquarium
  • London Eye
  • Big Ben

You can reach these tourist attractions by Bus or Tube:

  • West End
  • St Pauls Cathedral
  • Tower Bridge
  • Theatre District
  • Tower of London
  • Madam Tussauds

We are a renowned cheap hotel in London with many destinations nearby:


Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is the official residence of The Queen in London. It is considered as the busiest administrative headquarters of the monarchy. Buckingham Palace is also the most easily recognizable facade of any building across the world. It is evolved from a town house, which was owned by the Dukes of Buckingham from the beginning of the eighteenth century.

Houses of Parliament
Built in the eleventh century, Edward, the Confessor had the original palace. The British parliament is the official seat of the Government of the United Kingdom. The Palace of Westminster includes the House of Lords not elected- hereditary and nominated) & the House of Commons (elected). Besides, Big Ben is another famous landmark of London at the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is not a clock tower but the thirteenth bell that strikes the hour.

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey is an architectural masterpiece from the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries. It has the countless effigies & memorials to the great and famous of this nation. From Medieval Kings and their Queens and to the tomb of Unknown Warrior, over three thousand people got buried or memorialised in Westminster Abbey. It has become the place of pilgrimage.

Tate Gallery
The Tate Gallery is basically the British national museum, which has a grant directly from the Treasury. It is located in central London and is counted among the four Tate galleries that emblazon classic art collection.

River Thames
The Thames is a river that flows through southern England. It connects London with the sea. 215 miles long, a part of this river flows through Central London. You can enjoy fishing, canoeing and boating in River Thames.

West End
West End is basically the home of 90% of the theatres of the city. Travellers can peak into the past with beautifully preserved and masterfully renovated historical buildings. The West End also provides a host of recreational opportunities such as fascinating museums, retail attractions, a variety of cultural events and exciting night life.

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